BP Organic Shingles Settlement

Product Identification

BP Organic Shingles were sold during the period from 1985 to 2010 under the brand names: Eclipse, Eclipse H/R, Eclipse LS, Super Eclipse, Weather-Tite (3 Tab Organic), Mirage, Rampart, Tradition, Tite-Lok, Esgard Pro-Standard, Pro-Standard, Esgard 20, Esgard 25, Citadel, Tite-On, Roofmaster, Roofmaster Classic, Roofmaster Plus, Elegance, Elegance II, Europa, and Super Lok.

BP Organic Shingles can be identified based on their shape, the pattern of the self-seal adhesive strips and in some cases by the printed cellophane strips on the back of the shingles. The shape and self-seal adhesive pattern vary as between the brands. Photographs of the printed cellophane strips are available here.

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